Roots TWO

Centennial Hills
🛏️ 3 beds
🛁 2.5 baths
📐 1188 sqft
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Monthly payment

Roots TWO starts at $2,700 including all utilities, maintenance, property taxes, insurance, and HOA fees.

In year one, you'll build at least $3,240 in home equity.

About this home

Picture this: it's one of those classic Vegas days where it's kind of stormy but somehow also sunny. You're cuddled up on the couch, phone in hand. There's a knock at the door. It's your UberEats order. You get up and move through your perfect, cozy living room to get the order, which the driver left on your oversized private patio. You move back to the couch, turn on Netflix, and devour your Roberto's tacos (the tacos are on us.)

Seriously though, this home is great. The kitchen being just across from the living room makes hosting and cooking at the same time easy peasy. There's lots of storage, with a huge closet under the stairs! Go upstairs and you'll find an oversized foyer (with a washer and dryer, duh!) between the 3 bedrooms. Don't sleep on this one.

Available Location

Photo of Centennial Hills
Centennial Hills

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